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Dragonair Grand Hyatt Beijing Hotel to present a new meal — air travel channel Dragonair and Grand Hyatt Beijing Hotel to launch a new series of exquisite dishes to taste the air passengers. Grand Hyatt Beijing Hotel Beijing on Dragonair with travelling to Hongkong to present a new style of air passengers meal. This cooperation as a part of Cathay and Dragonair and Hyatt Regency group global cooperation plan. In the pursuit of food and enjoy the out of the ordinary passenger flight experience, Cathay and Dragonair with Hyatt, and with its located in different regions, the award-winning restaurant together to design a series of new machine on the menu for tourists around the world. The new and unique dishes, from Beijing, Shanghai, Hongkong, Milan, New York, Chicago and other regions of the top chef. Each of the dishes are unique, highlighting both the chef personal style, also show the authentic flavor. This time, from Beijing to Hongkong route on the launch of the new Chinese meal by the award-winning Grand Hyatt Beijing Hotel restaurant in Changan one charge, respectively to supply first-class cabin, business class and economy class. Changan, one of the integration of traditional Chinese food characteristics and Western culture, will give new ideas home cooking, showing modern Chinese cuisine for guests. Featured by has more than thirty years of culinary experience with Chinese chef Jin Qiang master of the Chinese diet included more than twenty different dishes and dishes, including braised prawns, sweet and sour fish, such as the classic dish Kung Pao Shrimp balls. In addition to authentic Chinese cuisine, first-class and business travelers can also enjoy the Italian restaurant Da Giorgio provided by the Italian style cuisine. Carefully designed Western menus including appetizer, soup and dish thirty dishes are highlighting the exquisite cuisine chef and meticulous intentions. New menu with special sauces highlights, including lobster sauce, Tuna juice, juice, juice and other brandy truffle sauce, in improving the taste of dishes at the same time, but also to meet the needs and preferences of different passengers. A new menu for different seasons, from now until mid 2017, on Dragonair flight from Beijing to Hongkong on the supply of specified flight. Italian passengers can also taste and delicacy on Dragonair from Hongkong to Beijing from the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong Grissini Italian restaurant and Hongkong Hyatt Regency in Tsim Sha Tsui Hyatt Xuan restaurant production of Cantonese cuisine. Cathay Pacific and Dragonair flight meal service department director Caston said: "Cathay and Dragonair is committed to providing quality products and services for passengers, as well as memorable meal experience on machine. We are very pleased with the Hyatt Regency group, this is our first time with the world famous hotel group set a global cooperation. We believe that the new menu will further enhance the overall flight experience of passengers, so that they soar." For always adhering to the customer first Cathay and Dragonair, air catering is an important part of engine room service. The two airlines in addition to providing regular air meals, a variety of special meals for passengers, including: vegetarian meals, fresh meals, Vegetable & Fruit low sodium low salt diet, low cholesterol diet, low fat meal, India to teach Judaism? Meal, children’s meals and children’s meals, passengers may need before flight departure 24 hours of booking. (commissioning editor: Li Yawen)相关的主题文章: