From the end of counterfeit industry chain one-stop production up to one day to sell one million

From the end of counterfeit industry chain: one-stop production up to one day to sell Sina million fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Just use a computer and a printer can print counterfeit Gang millions of counterfeit money! For months, a Henan media reporter undercover counterfeit counterfeit Gang, a true record of the whole process of manufacturing, made important evidence! The courier mail accidentally found someone in Henan counterfeit Shangqiu Cao ran a private clinic, from the beginning of this year, he found the drug money received in the emergence of counterfeit money, sometimes even received 5 yuan face value of counterfeit money. In addition to Mr. Cao, Henan many local people to reflect the media, in their own small shops, a small booth received counterfeit money. Why are there so many small money? When we are very much puzzled, a Mr. Zhou called the hotline said that he knew there was darkness. Mr. Zhou is a courier. Two years ago, he accidentally discovered the packaging a package is broken, showing a stack of thick bill is 20 dollars a piece, add up to about several thousand. At first, Xiao Zhou think these are real money, but carefully he found all the money numbers are the same, Xiao Zhou realized the parcel mail is counterfeit. QQ group sold counterfeit money, sold about one million yuan a day slowly, Zhou and a frequent in him mail counterfeit people know. By the introduction, Xiao Zhou joined a group called "RMB exchange" QQ group, this is actually a sale of counterfeit group. Members of the group covering almost all parts of the country, to the provincial capital city, small to the county, villages and towns, including Hunan, Hubei, the largest number of members of the Shandong. The reporters found that in the group of counterfeit sale price tag, the par value of 100 yuan of the money price for each 15 yuan, 50 yuan counterfeit 10 yuan each, 3 yuan, 20 yuan, 10 yuan only 1.5 yuan. While shipments of the QQ host "boss" staggering, almost every day there are people looking for him to take the goods, at least 1000 yuan, more than a million, "shipments boss" every day tens of thousands. Only a day in June 3, 2016, the "boss" will sell about one million yuan counterfeit. Wait until the purchase of counterfeit money in hand, these members will go to the market to spend. The object of their "money laundering" are generally roadside shops, stalls and markets. Spread in this group such a crazy slogan: make money make art, spend money hand cramps, money laundering wash all over the China, holding counterfeit money for gold. Printing, bronzing, cutting, anti-counterfeiting one-stop production of this counterfeit Gang so crazy, let a person be struck dumb! So, these counterfeit money in the end come from? The reporter decided through unannounced visits to expose the truth! Undercover after more than a month, reporters slowly and in a small group leader — the name is "little brother" who take on the line, "brother" is a small production base which has printed, counterfeit, stamping, cutting, do one-stop equipment security. On相关的主题文章: