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IFOREX: gold 1328 silver 19.10 blank bearish clients view the latest market on Wednesday (September 14th) the dollar index volatility fell, the market remained cautious in the week before the resolution of the economic data, the poor performance of the euro against the dollar; rising volatility hit one week highs, investors worried about the European Central Bank [micro-blog] easing measures may be weakened; the price of gold rose that benefit from a weaker dollar, the market for the Fed’s policy decision next week; oil prices continued to fall 3%, while EIA showed that crude oil inventories fell, but the oil inventory increase and market oversupply worries still. IFOREX analyst ROC said: the environment is the Fed rate hike, this will be the main factor about gold, therefore, in the short term the market will focus on the data, all with the opportunity cost of holding gold related. Raise interest rates to increase the opportunity cost of holding gold. EURUSD rose to a high of a week, investors worried that the ECB easing measures may be weakened. The market is increasingly concerned about the central bank’s recent policy stance may show a slight decline. Last week, the European Central Bank did not introduce new easing policy, disappointing investors. There was also a senior European Central Bank official said the bank should suspend the introduction of new monetary easing measures. The pivot point: 1.1230 support: 1.1200 1.1180 1.1165 1.1260 1.1300 1.1330 resistance: a plan: more than 1.1230 long, 1.1260 on the 1.1300 project two: 1.1230 the following short, see 1.1200 1.1180 comments: the euro overnight high of 1.1273 test, the overall maintain shock pattern, 1.1200 mark integer did not fall down, we will adjust the way out four hours, the trend line pressure in 1.1305, do they do not think there is too much space, proposal 1.1230, stop 25, target 1.1285. See high 1.1305 direct air, stop 20, target 1.1265. pound dollar on Wednesday (September 14th) GBPUSD rebounded bottom, data showed the UK jobs market with toughness. The Bank of England will release a policy decision on Thursday, is not expected to introduce new initiatives. The Bank of England cut interest rates to record lows last month and restarted asset purchases. The pivot point: 1.3220 support: 1.3180 1.3150 1.3100 1.3255 1.3280 1.3330 resistance: a plan: more than 1.3220 long, 1.3255 on the 1.3280 project two: 1.3220 the following short, under 1.3180 pounds 1.3150 comments: short bar, the rebound is also strong, in two steps, 1.3220 low light warehouse, stop 35 points, if the change of the opportunity, suggest 1.3285 chase, stop 35 points, target uniform 1.33.相关的主题文章: