Kim Vo Hair Styling Products Theyre Here!

Beauty The young and talented iconic hair stylist, Kim Vo is all set to launch his own line of hair products. Famous personalities such as Bill and Hillary Clinton and top celebrities such as Britney Spears, Kate Hudson and Pamela Anderson, all owe their styled locks to the renowned colorist, Kim Vo. Now, after an era of fashioning the tresses for many superstars, the artistic hair style expert has decided to introduce his personalized products for hair care and styling. Kim Vos hair products essentially cater to the likes of damaged, chemically treated and colored hair. The magnificent blend of nutrients can be seen in the twelve products – the Kim Vo Moisturizing Shampoo, Kim Vo Moisturizing Conditioner, Kim Vo Volumizing Shampoo, Kim Vo Volumizing Conditioner, Kim Vo Moisturizing Masque, Kim Vo Volumizing Masque, Kim Vo Styling Crme, Kim Vo Dry Serum, Kim Vo Glaze, Kim Vo Root Booster, Kim Vo Weightless hairspray, and Kim Vo Texturizing Paste. The chief feature of Kim Vo hair products is that they are free from harmful chemicals such as sulfate and sodium chloride. Even so, the flexible range of products can be used on hair extensions too without any hassle. Kim Vo has had a Vietnamese-French childhood and he decided to utilize Boket, a unique botanical nutrient that is a great nourishment for beautiful hair from Vietnam in his products. Other ingredients include Vietnamese Honey Locust bean, which is again a nourishing treatment for hair, ME-10 that protects hair color and preserves natural moisture, French Capishpheres, and many other fatty acids, enriching avocado oil and wheat flower lipids. All these ingredients .bined work magnificently on dry, lifeless hair transforming it into lustrous, healthy looking mane. The amalgamation of these organic .pounds heals broken cuticles, supply necessary moisture and locks in the nutrients, thus making hair beautiful and healthy. The first of the set of twelve products, Kim Vo Moisturizing Shampoo cleanses out dirt without depriving hair off its color and moisture. After rinsing thoroughly, follow up with the second product, Kim Vo Moisturizing Conditioner. Squirt out some conditioner in your palm and apply evenly on wet hair. It is a great booster for dry hair and leaves it feeling soft, supple and silky. Kim Vo moisturizing masque is the third in line. The essential feature of this product is to accentuate the hair color, make hair shinier and protect hair from environmental pollutants. Next in line is Kim Vo Volumizing Masque, a light cream based masque that enhances softness and effectively increases volume. For swift styling use Kim Vo Styling Crme. Wet hair and dab on some crme without missing any strand. Blow dry and style your hair as you like. Many times even shampooing and conditioning doesnt hide the frizzes on damaged hair. Use the Kim Vo Dry Serum which provides the adequate shine, gloss and smoothens frizzy locks. For best results double coat the hair ends for a lasting smoothness. The Kim Vo Glaze is a product to be used weekly on shampooed and conditioned hair. It ideally optimizes shine and enhances hair color. Coat hair fully parting it section wise with Glaze, leave in on for 20 minutes and rinse off with warm water. As the name suggests Kim Vo Root Booster, it adds body and bounce to hair, strengthens it from the roots and makes hair more manageable. Spray it on the scalp and crown after blow drying and simply run your fingers through hair. The Kim Vo Weightless hairspray like others adds bounce and increases hair volume however, while using it, maintain a 12 inches distance from the hair. It prevents hair from losing moisture and also makes it humidity resistant. The last in the line of Kim Vo products is the Texturizing Paste that works best on short or medium hair lengths. It should be applied on dry hair for out and out styling. It has a lasting effect and accentuates hair texture. All these products are available on Rigona.., online retailer of beauty products including the Kim Vo hair care line! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: